Enjoy an authentic taste of Maine from your own backyard.
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Locally Sourced

Fresh clams, lobster, mussels, corn on the cob.

All-In-One Maine Dining Experience

Customized Steampots
From Maine

Experience the epitome of Maine dining with our Steampots—an exquisite all-in-one solution. Indulge in the finest hardshell Maine lobster, sourced sustainably from the pristine waters of Maine. Immerse yourself in the goodness of local corn on the cob, Maine potatoes, and freshly harvested seaweed, all expertly arranged in a convenient steaming pot. Elevate your culinary adventure by combining these premium elements and steam cooking them in our proprietary “Court Bouillon,” delivering a burst of flavor that will leave you fulfilled.

Enhance your lobster pot experience with our carefully chosen shellfish companions—locally sourced mussels and locally harvested steaming clams. Select your preferences, and they’ll make their way to your chosen location, ready to be fired up and savored!


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Choose any one of our delicious Steampots. Generously portioned to feed 2 or 4 people.


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Heat, Eat,
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We take pride in delivering the highest quality seafood and the most authentic experience. 

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Fresh, Local, & Customized Steampots from Maine

Experience the ultimate indulgence in fresh and high-quality seafood with Steampots of Maine, where every bite is a journey into the world of exquisite flavors and a true culinary adventure.

Meet the Bar Harbor Bucket
- Premium hardshell Maine lobster
- Locally-harvested, farm-fresh sweet corn & potatoes
- Plump & tender mussels & steaming clams
Need we say more?
Liquid Gold
- The perfect compliment to our premium seafood
- Infused with fresh lemon, white wine, aromatics & peppercorns
our secret Maine family recipe
Beer Necessities
- Add your favorite IPA
- Our recommendation - Shipyard American Pale Ale - Founded in Maine of course
Alcohol will evaporate during cooking
Bring on the Goodness
- Generously portioned to serve 2 or 4 people
- For the deluxe experience, Add 6 lobster tails to any pot!
Sure to please any guest
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Fan Favorites

Our Popular Picks

Treat your taste buds to the sensational flavors of our most popular items at Steampots of Maine, where succulent live Maine lobsters, perfectly cooked corn, potatoes, and delicate seaweed come together to create an unforgettable dining experience that captures the essence of coastal indulgence.


The Down Easter

Starting at $115 / 2 People

Two or four one pound-and-a-half live Maine lobsters with corn, potatoes and seaweed. 

The Bar Harbor

Starting at $135 / 2 People

Enjoy the addition of tender local Mussels and tender Steamers. Includes 1 to 2 pounds of each. 

The North County

Starting at $135 / 2 People

Enjoy the addition of 1 to 2 pounds of plump local Mussels.

Custom House wharf - portland, me

From Our House To Yours

Collectively, we are a group of Maine waterfront workers, with hundreds of combined years of experience in the seafood industry. Our base of operations is the world-famous Custom House Wharf in Portland Maine. The wharf was established in 1757, and was originally named Titcombs wharf. Today, Custom House Wharf is one of the last true working waterfront wharfs in Portland. At the heart of this waterfront is the lobster trade—a thriving industry that has sustained Maine’s coastal communities for generations. We are deeply committed to preserving these traditions and take great pride in sharing this experience with you through the most authentic preparation and finest quality ingredients that can only be found here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing it with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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All of our steampot offerings include: 

  • Premium, sustainably harvested hardshell live Maine lobster
  • Local New England sweet corn on the cob
  • Farm-fresh Maine potatoes
  • Freshly harvested seaweed
  • Proprietary (secret family recipe) “Court Bouillon” poaching liquid

We guarantee freshness by sourcing our premium hardshell Maine lobster from pristine Maine waters known for their exceptional quality. Our lobster is harvested and delivered to our facility with utmost care, ensuring it reaches you in its freshest state. We also carefully select and source other ingredients locally to maintain the highest standards of freshness and flavor.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of catering to individual dietary preferences. At Steampots of Maine, we offer customization options to accommodate specific dietary needs. Whether you have allergies, follow a specific diet, or have any other preferences, we strive to provide a personalized experience. Simply let us know about your dietary requirements when placing your order, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and ensure a delightful dining experience.

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